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"Informative, engaging, humorous, and thought stimulating. I highly recommend for anyone in a relationship or planning to be in one." Full Review

"The book will certainly appeal to men with its humor and method of delivery; however, women will also have much to learn from the male perspective of their own behavior and mode of communication... a worthwhile read."  Full Review

"I loved this book and Lucille! This should be required reading for every man and woman, and especially all high school and college students. They'd be way ahead of the romance and life game."  Radio/TV Interviews

"This is a chance to wake up and prosper. When in doubt, people should ask the important question, 'What would Lucille say?'"  Full Review

"The 85% Man and Lessons from Lucille is Bob Mack Peak’s well-crafted, uplifting, heart-felt romance epic. It’s a lighthearted look at the differences between men and women. Peak hopes to prove the well-known, open proposition that--"Everything my mother told me about women is true." The book’s flowing narrative offers the reader a delightful journey toward discovering life's truest reward—unconditional love."  FUll Review

"An engaging guide on how to discover and sustain love that finds shrewd lessons in the author’s own life."  FUll Review

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