Radio & TV Interviews


September 5 - SiriusXM Radio: Maggie Linton Show - SiriusXM Urban View, Maggie Linton daily 10:00AM-12:00OM ET, Maggie helps listeners bring the positive lessons from author's journeys into their own lives. Great 30 minute chat about building better relationships and how to use the "Score Your Man" app. click to listen to the broadcast

August 25 - TV/Radio/Blog: Bonnie TV - Great Neck, NY, Bonnie Graham. Dynamic host, lots of energy, big audience. Airs 7-8PM ET. "Internet Dating Disasters" will use the "Score Your Man" app.

June 27 - Radio: - Los Angeles, CA. Sharkie Zartman Healthy Lifestyle PEP Talk Radio. Live show, two segments. Sharkie is a former UCLA All American in volleyball, does get up and go (inspire) show! Excellent broadcast - she recommended the app for everyone. "I loved Lucille and there is great wisdom there for all of us. I highly recommended this book." -Sharkie Zartman click to listen to the broadcast

June 9 - Radio: Donna Seebo show- Tacoma, WA. Broadcast in 43 countries and across the US, uplifting, motivational stories. Show broadcast at 9:00-9:30AM PST. Donna is a mental practitioner, psychic, conselor and radio/TV personality. "I loved your book and Lucille. I think it should be required reading for all men and women, married or single, and for high school and college students." -- Donna Seebo

April 30 - Radio: WIOX - Roxbury, NY. Host Lewis Harrison. Notorious comic between Charlie Rose and Howard Stern type show. Airs 4:35-5:00ET. Open forum, plays with his guests. Loved the app! Twenty-five minute segment. "You've been a terrific guest, really enjoyed your travels." -- Lewis Harrison

April 24 - Radio: KAHI - Sacramento, CA. Host Mary Jane Popp. All topics, relationships. Live 2:00PM PST. "Are we looking for the perfect person or relationship?" A 30-minute segment with a great host, live banter, and promo. "Get real ladies, and listen to Lucille and author Bob Mack Peak." -- Mary Jane Popp

April 17 - Radio: WVTL - Amsterdam, NY. The Bob Cudmore Show. Live 9:35AM ET. About Lucille and my 280 dates. Great host, had fun. Immediate online response for FREE app. Ten minutes.

April 14 - Radio: KWYR - S. Dakota news, weather, hot topics. Marsha Raye host. Aired 4/14 6PM CT. "Around the world in 280 dates." Good chat, funny, promo app. Fifteen minutes. "There's great advice in here for all ages. When in doubt, ask 'what would Lucille say.'" -- Marsha Raye

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