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Five star reviews by readers continue to roll in. Also, see Editorial Reviews.

"I loved this book. If I read this story when I was in my twenties, it would have saved me tremendous pain and a lot of money. I’ll make sure to give my grandson a copy so he’s prepared for his life. It made me wish I was at the family dinner table with Lucille. Very educational and funny."
      -Robert Cronin
      Nationally Recognized Artist/Painter

 "We loved the story of Bob’s family. His dating experiences, supported by Lucille’s guidance, made us laugh, and we related with many of his men vs. women anecdotes. We enjoyed the journey of Lucille and Pops, and truly felt the pain of their tragic losses. We highly recommend this book for couples to read together."
      -Leighs Church & Dr. Sharon Cantor Church
       Silicon Valley Retired Executive & Clinical Psychologist

 "It grabbed me right away, and it was an easy read. I learned a lot that will help me be more successful in addressing the challenges in my marriage. This is a book any man or woman can relate to and Bob’s sense of humor kept a tragic family journey heartfelt! I love the intrigue of old west and adventure novels and this was a fascinating, unique voyage. This is a must have guide for every adult male."
      -Deano Lovecchio
       Chef, Entrepreneur, Everyman, Married 10 Years.

 "This book changed my relationship thinking. I was entertained and engaged the entire way, and it really helped me evaluate what I want in a man. I highly recommend this book to all women trying to understand the man they’re with or seeking. It made me laugh, cry, and think deeply. I’m an avid romance and relationship book reader, and I’ve put this at the top of my ‘favorites’ list. I think of this book as my guide to kissing the right frogs."
      -Dina Kelley
      Business Executive, Divorcee, Entrepreneur.

"Best relationship book I’ve read in 15 years. The book was an easy, fun read...actually I listened to the audio version (loved the narrator). I listened to it over the weekend, couldn’t put it down. It has a lots of great insight (Lucille’s) but the author’s journey or adventure kept be interested until the end. His family really experience some tough times, but their courage was inspiring. There some very funny moments. I took notes for future dates or relationships. It sort of combines self-help with a family memoir. It was much like watching a movie like 'The Help.' Great stuff."
    --Mary Monroe
    Movie Buff, Newly Single Mom

"Humans and Animals. I recommend this book because, although it is entertaining, it is full of valuable lessons for couples, and even hard core bachelors. This is Sage advice from an experienced relationship pilot flying with Midwest values and West Coast flair. Although I can relate to the animals in the author's animated YouTube videos, the best advice I came away with was: Whether you are an animal or a human, keep the conversation light and fresh, especially in a new relationship, and save the religious and political arguments for family reunions. Also, and probably more important, remember to appreciate your parents and other parent like people who have been mentors in your life. As I approach 10 years of my own marriage I can now confirm that I am ready to: "Love Long and Prosper"
    --QB White
    Animation Guru, Married 10 Years.

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