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Reviewed by: Lisa Brown-Gilbert
ISBN-13: 978-1-4895-5340-9. January, 2014

Author: Bob Mack Peak
Illustrations: Bob Mack Peak

We live in an imperfect world but have perfect expectations especially when it comes to modern love relationships. Though no one will find that mate that meets 100 % of his or her specifications for the perfect love match, it is possible to come darn close especially with the guidance dispensed in "The 85% Man and Lessons from Lucille" by author Bob Mack Peak.

Although he is not a relationship expert, author Peak, educates readers from his experienced perspective and observances on the finer points of obtaining the perfect “for you” mate/relationship. He presents a conclusive and pragmatic view of relationships told from the male perspective, honed from his personal experiences and enlightened relationship advice related to him by his mother, Lucille. 

Informative, engaging, humorous, and thought stimulating the book is divided into three sections with each section dedicated to enhancing the reader’s comprehension of what leads to the ultimate goal of engaging in an unconditionally loving relationship. Section I: "Understanding and Building Good Relationships," expresses the prime differences of the male vs. female perspectives and attitudes towards relationships. Accompanied by Author Peak’s candid, real life examples from his personal relationships, dating experiences and observances, this section helps readers to grasp the realistic basics of the male and female postures when it comes to relationships. Section ll, "The 85% Man and Women," goes much deeper into the guidance portion of the book, which presents readers with fifteen lessons of guidance that the author has devised. Section lll, "Your Plan" reveals definitive methods to setting the stage for finding that unconditional love we all desire. Moreover, following each chapter is a brief summation of a specific, pertinent aspect to remember which really helps to reinforce the point of the chapter.

 What is really appealing about the book is the unpretentious tone the author uses throughout the book, he relates his experiences with candor, emotion and at times humor that reads as if a close friend is divulging his intimate relationship experiences making this not only a relatable read but an engrossing one as well.

I enjoyed reading "The 85 % Man and Lessons from Lucille;" it was a pleasure to read, it is a well-written, and a thoroughly organized book that comes from an honest and heartfelt place. Also, serving a dual purpose, the book presents a loving tribute to his mother Lucille, her wise view of life and advice on relationships. Another great plus with this book is that author Bob Mack Peak has set up a website where women can go and rate their mate to see how close they are to having their 85% man. I highly recommend reading this book for anyone in a relationship or ever intending to be in one as it does dispense some very useful insights and motivating advice.

Lisa Brown-Gilbert, Pacific Book Review

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