1. Input: If you find an area, issue, annoyance or challenges with dates or relationships, check (click) that box under DEDUCTION.

  2. Score/Rate: Scroll down the list (use slider on right or Mac slide down body). Click all boxes that apply until you're at last item "END." Now you're ready to Score Your Squeeze or Rate Your Dates and get a Lucille Lesson and secret Tips not in the book. Click the red WWLS Button.
    Click for Score & Lesson
  3. Lesson: You will see the Score or Rating and below it will be a Lesson & optional Tips based on boxes checked.
  4. Changes: You can modify your input anytime by going back to the score form and changing your checkbox selections. Then click WWLS again to re-score. Note: The score and/or Lesson doesn't change until you make changes and click WWLS again.

  5. RESET: You can click "Clear Form" to clear all entries and start over.
    Reset form to blanks
  6. Modify: You can click this button at anytime (or after "Clear Form") to jump to the top of the Score input form. Modify your check boxes and then click WWLS to re-score.
    Jump to top of page for input/changes
  7. Feedback: You can click FOLLOW ME for feedback and updates.

    Note: You can't change #1 - no one is perfect. Start with #2.

Score Your Squeeze

Married or long-term relationship and have questions? Score Your man and get a Lesson from Lucille. 

Rate Your Dates

Running the dating gauntlet or with a newbie guy and finding a number of challenges?